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Today I started building my first Flex application using Data Management Services … why Data Management Services I hear you thinking. Don’t get me started on that topic ;o) The Flex Data Management Service (FDMS) provides a mechanism to maintain data distributed over the client and server tiers. The Service supports features such as: Data […]

Some useful background information you need to know about Adobe Flex … (which you can find in the Adobe Flex Developer Guide): About Flash Player 9While Flex applications run in a browser, they take advantage of the Flash Player 9 runtime environment for executing client-side logic, rendering graphics, and playing animation, audio, or video.Flash Player […]

Buzzing about Adobe Flex I’ve heard a lot of rumours and buzzing around Adobe Flex … so what’s the catch ;o) For one of my projects I need to get acquanted with Adobe Flex to see what it has to offer and how fast you can learn and implement a real-time application (small test case). […]