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This week I went to the SOA Forum in Lisbon which was really interesting because I was able to discuss the different features of ODI, SCA, BPA, AIA, … with other partners and of course Oracle. The AIA presentation was really great because now I got an in depth view of the amazing features and […]

This morning a Keynote was given by Charles Phillips, President of Oracle Corporation. In this keynote Charles Phillips gave us an insight on the vision of Oracle and the strategy in marketting this vision throughout it’s customers, partners and of course software offering. Each Challenge was tackled by the different Oracle Offerings there are today.CEO […]

Sunday morning I went to a session regarding Application Integration Architecture, the new Oracle integration-solution offering. The session was given by Selim Burduroglu of the IOUG Group. During this session Selim was going to explain the SOA and Integration strategy of Oracle.The goal : Nothing proprietary in AIA or SOA Suite, every technology, layer, approach […]