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AJAX is becoming important in the world of web applications. APEX has provided us a very easy way to create an AJAX process, by using dynamic actions. Using PL/SQL Actions in Dynamic Actions to communicate with the database without submitting the page will suffice in most cases, but the downside is that the code is […]

Last week, I ran into a problem with a dynamic action in APEX 4.0. I have a series of 8 images of persons which I generate with PL/SQL. They are all speakers on a conference. Every image is clickable and should insert the name of the speaker in the database. I gave a class “speaker” […]

I remembered an old post of Roel Hartman where he integrated a form into apex. He used a part of OraFormsFaces by Wilfred van der Deijl: the CommunicatorBean. Using this CommunicatorBean forms could react on “external messages”. Now with Forms 11g reacting on external events, this CommunicatorBean isn’t necessary any more(sorry Wilfred). This is how […]

Everybody is already convinced about the strength and benefits of AJAX. There is only one thing that keeps bothering me when I’m using AJAX within Apex. For every AJAX call, you have to define a new application process. I worked out a generic solution where you only need to create one application process for all […]

A while ago, a customer asked me to develop a report page with an option to search on a title. For every character the user typed, the results should immediately be adjusted. I did some research and came out on an AJAX text filter. I couldn’t find a step by step tutorial about this so […]

Apex: integration of new Google API’s Google has released 2 new features on it’s AJAX Search API: Blog bar News bar Both bars allow you to incorporate dynamic content into the layout of your site. I have tried to implement both features into ApEx and they were succesful. In this blog you can read a […]